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In the first half of the twentieth century, the tram was the dominant form of public transport in many of the urban areas of the North-East of England. These images from my collection are mostly from the interconnected Gateshead and Newcastle tramway systems.

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Gateshead Tram No. 49, High Level Bridge, 1923
In 1923 trams began to run over the High Level Bridge for the first time, connecting the Newcastle and Gateshead systems. Dainty "Photogravure" Series

Trams Link Up Newcastle And Gateshead
"New Tram Service across High Level Bridge, (January 1923)" - Gateshead Tram No. 67 inauguarates the service.

Gateshead Trams Nos. 7 & 64, New Tyne Bridge, 1928
As the bridge neared completion, the new tram route is ready for testing.

Newcastle Tram No. 111, Hills Street
Newcastle trams were seen almost as frequently as Gateshead trams on the south of the river. Here an A class running from Monument to Saltwell Park has crossed the Tyne Bridge and is passing the Central Hotel.

Gateshead Tram No. 51, Wellington Street
This unusual tram was originally built in 1901 as a double decker (no. 45), then rebuilt in 1917-18 for the Teams service, having the upper deck removed. Photographed 24th July 1950 by R.R. Clark

Gateshead Trams Nos. 7 & 8, Mulgrave Terrace
No. 7 bound for Dunston passes the Central Station bound No.8 in Mulgrave Terrace. Photo by George S. Hearse

Gateshead Tram No. 59, Bensham Road
No. 59 built by Brush in 1921 bound for Central Station. Photographed on Bensham Road near the junction with West Street. A Burrows Bros. photo [no: 2337]

Gateshead Tram No. 56
Built by Brush in 1921. Photo by R. Brook

Gateshead Tram No. 73, Askew Road
Bound for Dunston, April 1950. No. 73 was purchased from Newcastle in 1948, where it ran as No. 80. Photo by R.R. Clark.

Newcastle Trams Nos. 6 & 19, Bensham Road
Several tram routes in Gateshead were run jointly with Newcastle Corporation Tramways. These trams on the Monument - Saltwell Park route are seen near the junction with Coatsworth Road. Photo by H.B. Priestley.

Newcastle Tram No. 212, Saltwell Park Terminus, Coatsworth Road.
Photographed 13th October 1949 by E.C. Haywood.

Newcastle Tram No. 80, Durham Road, Low Fell
Seen opposite the New Cannon Inn, 16th August 1939. This tram was sold to Gateshead in 1948 and ran as No. 73. Photo by H.B. Priestley

Gateshead Tram No. 59, Durham Road, Low Fell
Following the closure of the Gateshead system in 1951, this was one of a number of trams which were sold for use on the Grimsby and Immingham Electric Railway.

Newcastle Tram No. 52, Durham Road, Low Fell
This tram was sold to Gateshead in 1948 and ran as No. 77 on the Dunston - Central Station route.

Waiting Room, Low Fell Tram Terminus
Northern General motor buses ran services to Chester-le-Street from this point next to the junction with Kells Lane.

Gateshead Tram No. 63
Built by Brush in 1923, this tram spent its whole working life on the Newcastle - Wrekenton route.

Newcastle Tram No. 256, Neville Street
Photographed September 1933 on the Central Station - Osborne Road route (Route 38).

Newcastle Tram No. 45, Neville Street
Several class C single deck trams were rebuilt with short open topped upper decks. Because this resembled a conning-tower, these trams were nicknamed "Submarines". Photo by H.A. Whitcombe

Newcastle Tram No. 94, Neville Street
No. 94 is a class F tram built in 1903, seen running on route 36 (Central Station - Byker). A Burrows Bros. photo.

Newcastle Trams, Neville Street
A busy scene from the 1930s with five trams, a van and a horse drawn cart.

Newcastle Tram No. 212, Neville Street
The conductress prepares to swing the trolley arm ready for the return journey to Saltwell Park. Photo by Charles F. Klapper.

Gateshead Tram No. 30 & Newcastle Tram No. 267, Neville Street
No. 30 was originally built for Liverpool tramways in 1899, and appears to have been sold to Tynemouth tramways in 1921, ending up in Gateshead in 1922, where it was substantially rebuilt. A Burrows Bros. photo.

Newcastle Tram No. 57, Neville Street
Route 30 ran from Low Fell to Gosforth. Behind is No. 182 on route 37 (Pilgrim Street to Heaton)

Gateshead Tram No. 73, Neville Street
Former Newcastle No. 80 (seen previously in Low Fell in its former identity) on the Dunston-Central Station route, 4th March 1950. Photo by John H. Meredith.

Gateshead Tram No. 65, Westgate Road
Travelling to Saltwell Park. The building behind the tram is the Union Rooms, now a Wetherspoon's pub. Photo by Roy Marshall

Gateshead Tram No. 22, Pilgrim Street
Passing the Friends Meeting House on the Heworth-Chillingham Road route. Photo by M.J. O'Connor

Newcastle Tram No. 297, Northumberland Street
Route 15 ran from Westmorland Road to Jesmond Road via Central Station and Grainger Street.

Newcastle Tram No. 107, Haymarket
Riding on top could be a somewhat draughty experience with no protection from the elements. A Burrows Bros. photo.

Gateshead Tram No. 7, Haymarket.
Built at Gateshead Tramway's Sunderland Road works. Photo by S.G. Jackman.

Newcastle Trams Nos. 114 and 38, North Road
This old postcard was posted to France on August 8th 1918. Class A Tram No. 114 is preserved and running regularly at Beamish (after several years serving as a henhouse near Scunthorpe), though it has lost the balcony roof it had acquired in Edwardian times.

Newcastle Tram No. 107, Henry Street Terminus, Gosforth
A class F tram dating back to 1903. Photo by George S. Hearse.

Gateshead Tram No. 18 & Newcastle Tram No. 263, Henry Street Terminus, Gosforth
The Gateshead tram is about to return to Low Fell (route 30, though Gateshead trams never carried the route numbers). Photo by W.A. Camwell.

Newcastle Tram No. 89, Gosforth Stadium
Photo by George S. Hearse, 1946.

Newcastle Tram No. 210
A Burrows Bros. photo.

Newcastle Trams Nos. 257 & 1, Scotswood Road
Pictured near the turnoff for Scotswood Bridge turning circle. No. 257 is on route 14 (Throckley-Heaton). Curiously No. 1 appears to be displaying route No. 20 (Gosforth-Forest Hall), though it is miles from that route. Photo by W.A. Camwell.

Newcastle Tram No. 245
Pictured on Scotswood Road approaching Lemington. Beyond Scotswood Bridge the tramway operated on single track with a number of passing places. Photo by H.B. Priestley.

Newcastle Tram No. 253, Lemington
The tram route originally followed the road on a circuitous route, but in 1922 a special reserved section of track was built avoiding the twists and turns. Photo by H.B. Priestley, May 17th 1936.

Newcastle Tram No. 100, Byker
A Burrows Bros. photo.

Newcastle Tram No. 250, Byker Depot

Works Cars, Byker Depot
Sand Cars Nos. 310 and 168 were built using parts from scrapped trams. Water Car No. 237 was built in 1926 and carried 2475 gallons of water. Photo by H.B. Priestley, August 15th 1939.

Newcastle Trams Nos. 160 & 149, Gosforth Park
All good things come to an end. July 19th 1941.

Newcastle Tram No. 252, Gosforth Park
Photo by R.J.S. Wiseman.

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