Old Postcards and Photographs of Newcastle upon Tyne (3)

A sepia coloured view of Newcastle in the 1930s and 1940s. As well as postcards, the images are taken from the album "A Souvenir of Newcastle-on-Tyne" from the Dundee based firm of Valentine & Sons (my copy dates from 1939), a 1940s collection of real photographs entitled "Valentine's Snapshots - Newcastle-on-Tyne", and a 1930s album "Newcastle upon Tyne Illustrated" published by Andrew Reid.

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Valentine's multiview postcard 218090

Tyne Bridge

Tyne Bridge
An M&L National Series Postcard

Quayside, Newcastle
This postcard was sent from London to Sweden in 1947

View showing four bridges, River Tyne

The Quayside

High Level & Swing Bridges

King Edward VII Bridge
"A railway bridge opened 1906 by King Edward VII. Steel superstructure, 1,100 feet in length, height 111 feet above high water. The main north and south trains cross the Tyne over this bridge"

Newcastle upon Tyne and Tyne Bridge
"View from the air, showing the New Tyne Bridge spanning the river, also the Swing Bridge and High Level Bridge to the right"

Newcastle upon Tyne
"The foreground shows some of the old houses facing onto the Sandhill, while behind to the left stands the Moot Hall and the Castle. The beautiful spire of St. Nicholas' Cathedral is seen in the centre"

All Saints Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Largest railway crossing in the world
"This junction is at the east end of the Central Station. The lines on the left carry the main North Trains, also the electric coast service. Those to the right cross the High Level Bridge"

Largest railway crossing in the world
The view from the Castle Keep

Newcastle-on-Tyne - L.N.E.R. crossings, from the air
Aerofilms Postcard No. 10313

Black Gate & Castle
"Approaching the High Level Bridge the great gateway stands on the left. The lower portion is a good specimen of early architecture built in the reign of Henry III., 1247. Now used as a museum of Roman and other antiquities"

St. Nicholas Cathedral from Castle
"Looking north, presents a fine view of the Cathedral Tower. Immediately behind stands the Town Hall, and the road commencing at the High Level Bridge leads through Groat Market, Bigg Market, and Newgate Street to the North Road"

Newcastle-on-Tyne, The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas
Card by Photochrom (no: 75542)

Neville Street & Central Station
"On the right is the massive portico of the Central Railway Station. Designed by John Dobson, the station cost 90,000, and was opened by Queen Victoria 29th August, 1850. The beautiful tower of St. Nicholas' Cathedral is seen beyond"

Neville Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Valentine's postcard 221591

Grainger Street West
"One of the streets built by Richard Grainger, and named after him. S. John's Church is one of the oldest in the city, and is supposed to have been built about 1287. Opposite is the Newcastle Saving's Bank, and in the distance stands the Grey Monument"

Town Hall
"Opposite the Cathedral are the Municipal Buildings, in which are the Council Chamber and offices of the various Corporation officials"

Bigg Market
"A crowded street, particularly on market days, when vendors offer articles of all kinds for sale. The building with the clock tower is the Town Hall"

Grainger Street and Greys Monument, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Card by M&L National Series (no: 64 B)

Grainger Street

Market Street
"A busy shopping centre. On the left is a triangular block of buildings, designed after the Temple of Vesta at Tivoli. Originally intended for a market or exchange, it now contains an Arcade within the walls of the Exchange buildings"

Grey Street
"Richard Grainger began the reconstruction of the town after 1832, and this beautiful thoroughfare is probably the noblest specimen of his great work. Divided into sections of distinct architectural design, each worthy of study"

Grey's Monument "At the head of Grey Street, was erected by subscription in 1838 to commemorate the services rendered to his country by Charles, Earl Grey, K.G."

Blackett Street
"Looking West from the corner of Northumberland Street. The Y.M.C.A. building is seen on the right of the Grey Monument"

Blackett Street

Public Library and Laing Art Gallery
"The library stands in New Bridge Street, partly on the site of the Carliol (or Weaver's) Tower of the old town wall. It contains a fine collection of local works. Adjoining it on the east is the Art Gallery"

Eldon Square
"A pleasant open space of green turf surrounded by trees. In the centre stands the City Memorial to men who fell in the Great War. The bronze figure represents St. George slaying the dragon"

War Memorial

Pilgrim Street
Valentine's postcard 221579

Northumberland Street
"A popular and busy shopping centre. Forming part of the great North Road to Edinburgh, it receives a constant stream of traffic. The Old Pilgrim Gate leading from the town once stood near the foot"

Northumberland Street
The same view as the previous picture, but a few years later. Trolleybuses are now running, and Lowe & Moorhouse has given way to Burtons

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland Street
Card by Photochrom (no: 87830)

Northumberland Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Showing British Home Stores Ltd. 3d to 5/- store.

St. Thomas Church and South African War Memorial, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Valentine's postcard (no: 210367)

Barras Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Valentine's postcard (no: 221604)

Renwick Memorial & St. Thomas's Church

Royal Victoria Infirmary

Jesmond Dene
"Newcastle's most beautiful park, where art is called to augment and supplement and not to supplant the beauties of nature. This lovely place was the gift of the late Lord Armstrong to the town of his birth"

Old Mill and Bridge, Jesmond Dene

Waterfall, Jesmond Dene

Stepping Stones, Jesmond Dene

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