Old Postcards And Photographs Of The Tyne Bridges

The bridges connecting Newcastle and Gateshead have been central to the region's trade and identity for centuries.

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Tyne Bridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
This late 1940s card is taken from a watercolour by G.W. Blow, and was issued in the "Art Colour" series of Valentine's of Dundee (no: A1219)

Tyne Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
A Valentine's "Art Colour" card by G.W. Blow [no: A.1692]

Tyne Bridges
Another Valentine's "Art Colour" card by G. W. Blow [no: A.1224]

Newcastle-on-Tyne, River Tyne & Bridge
An early 1930's tinted photographic card by Photochrom (no: 67440) showing the view from the High Level Bridge with the Swing Bridge open.

Newcastle from High Level Bridge
A Valentine's Series card (no: 53049) dating from shortly before the First World War.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Swing Bridge
Posted to Redditch on October 12th 1910. Rapid Card (no: P.S. 135-7.)

Swing Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
"The Swing Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne, is claimed to stand unique in the whole world. The centre portion, weighing some fifteen hundred tons, is moved by hydraulic power, giving when open a clear passage on either side of over a hundred feet." Issued by R. Johnston of Gateshead in their Monarch Series, this card was posted from Gateshead to Low Fell on September 12th 1906

Swing Bridge (open), Newcastle-on-Tyne
A Milton postcard by W.H. Smith & Sons of Newcastle. The card was printed in Saxony so dates before the war.

The Swing Bridge, Newcastle
Issued by R. Johnston of Gateshead in their Monarch Series [4920], and posted from Newcastle to Manchester on July 25th 1926

Newcastle, Swing Bridge, River Tyne

Swing Bridge & River Tyne, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Philco Series card (no: 4651)

Tommy on the Bridge, Gateshead Character Another Monarch Series card [No. 42] from R. Johnston of Gateshead. Thomas Ferens was a blind beggar who was a fixture at the centre of the stone Tyne Bridge, then later the Swing Bridge for more than 40 years. He believed that by standing on the border between Gateshead and Newcastle, he could not be arrested by the police force of either town

Swing Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
From the "Unique" Series of W. B. & Co of Glasgow, and printed (as were many Edwardian postcards) in Saxony

High Level & Swing Bridges, Newcastle-on-Tyne
From the Milton "Chromolette" Series, and printed in Hessia

High Level and Swing Bridges, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Valentine's Series

High Level & Swing Bridges, Newcastle (Swinging)
A Monarch series card by R. Johnston of Gateshead (no: 268)

The High Level Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Not a postcard, but a "Carte de Visite", dating from the early 1860s and showing the old stone Tyne Bridge of 1781 in the background

High Level Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
An image taken from a 1940s letter card

High Level Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
In 1923 trams began to run over the High Level Bridge for the first time, connecting the Newcastle and Gateshead systems. Dainty "Photogravure" Series

High Level & Swing Bridges from Gateshead
The Rabbit Banks area of Gateshead in the foreground was notorious for its overcrowded, disease-ridden slums.

North Eastern Railway, New High Level Bridge over the River Tyne
The "New High Level Bridge" is now known as the "King Edward VII Bridge" after the monarch who opened it in 1906. Card by Andrew Reid & Co. of Newcastle

King Edward Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
In the foreground is the roof of Bretts, still a fixture on the Gateshead quayside today. Published by W.H.S. & S.N.

King Edward Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Published by C.O. Hey of Newcastle

It's funny when you see the River Tyne this way
A distorted view of the King Edward Bridge by W.H.S. & S.N. Posted from Newcastle to Otterburn on July 1st 1914

King Edward Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Milton "Glazette" series card [2940] printed in Germany

Redheugh Bridge
Valentine's Series card [no: 46658]. Posted from Gateshead to Russia on 16th December 1908

Redheugh Bridge, Newcastle
Wrench Series [no: 11695], printed in Saxony

Redheugh Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Valentine's Series card (no: 40048)

Scotswood Bridge
Published by Ruddock Ltd. of Newcastle in their "Grand" series (no: 3043). Posted from Newcastle to Denmark on 7th March 1912.

Scotswood Railway Bridge
One of the lesser known bridges across the Tyne, this was opened in 1871 as a temporary replacement for an even more temporary wooden bridge, but remained in use until 1982. Card by Auty of Tynemouth (no: 5189)

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