Greenesfield Railway Works

In the 1830's Greene's Field became the centre of Gateshead's railway industry. A station and an engine shed were built, which were later added to by the North Eastern Railway's locomotive works. By the end of the century it was the largest employer in the town with 16,000 men employed. In the period leading up to World War I, this had declined to only 1,500. The works were closed completely in 1932, though they opened again for repairs during World War II, closing once more in 1959. What remained was converted into warehouses or became totally derelict. In 2002 work commenced to redevelop the Greenesfield site with housing, shopping and leisure facilities.

Greenesfield 1

Greenesfield railway works seen across the remains of Gateshead West station. Photographed 19th February 2001

Greenesfield 2

Greenesfield 3

Greenesfield 4

Greenesfield 5

Greenesfield 6

Greenesfield 7

Greenesfield 8

Greenesfield 9

Greenesfield 10

Photographed 25th April 2002

Greenesfield 11

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