Gateshead Churches - Roman Catholic

For many years after the reformation, the few Roman Catholics in the town did not own a building. In the early 18th century the Riddell family built a chapel adjoining their mansion on Gateshead High Street, but it was burnt down by a mob in 1746 in the reaction against the Young Pretender. With a large number of Irish Catholics emigrating to the area in the mid 19th century, there was a great need for a meeting place. The first chapel, above a warehouse in Hillgate was in use for only 3 years before it was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1854. The first purpose built Roman Catholic Church was St. Joseph's, opened in 1859.

Saint Joseph's

Opened in 1859 and situated on the corner of West Street and Bensham Road. Photographed 15th January 2000

Corpus Christi

Built in 1936, and situated on the corner of Kelvin Grove and Brighton Road in Bensham. Photographed 26th January 2000

Our Lady of the Anunciation

Built in 1953 and situated on Millway in Carr Hill. Photographed 26th January 2000

Saint Wilfrid's

Built in 1955 and situated on Sunderland Road. Photographed 7th February 2000

Saint Peter's

Built in 1962, and situated on Weathercock Lane, just off Kell's Lane in Low Fell. Photographed 5th February 2000

Saint Oswald's

Built in 1884, and situated on Wrekenton High Street. Photographed 11th July 2000

Saint Patrick's

Built in 1895, and situated on Felling High Street. Photographed 21st February 2000

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